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When capturing a couple's big day we know that the most memorable moments often happen behind the big moments. Our focus is always to find the shot that others miss. We view weddings like a big party filled with joy and fun and dancing! We have been told that we are artistic, original, creative, "cool", interpretive, but really we just see ourselves as storytellers and in the end it's your story you remember, celebrate and pass on.

We have a ton of Add~On's to help couples feel more in control of their film and create a unique end product that reflects them. To help this happen we like to meet up with you, hang out, drink a coffee (or beer) and get to know you, your likes, your vibe etc. Sometimes this is a Skype meeting if your out of state your dates just don't work. We ask a bunch of questions and by the end of it couples are as stoked about their soon-to-be-film as we are! 


The GoldBear Vibe

WE shoot loose and relaxed. We find we can tell the best story and capture the great moments this way. Cheezy wedding vids are just bad so we take an energetic filmic approach, looking for moments of colour, tone and real personality. Each couples different. Wedding videos can be super emotive, arty and moody, fun and light or a mix of all! We don’t cookie cut our films and endeavour to reflect who the couple is and the day you have planned. We do our best to not interfere during your day at all being more like gorilla-filmers than big-production types. We will approach you to capture our pre-arranged cool things and then go about being visual wizards capturing the magic of your day. Check out some of our vids below...

  • Eliza & Marty

    Chilling on the headland at Lennox Head, these guys were surrounded by their closest mates and family to get married. Read More
  • Conor & Tim

    Classic dress and a crazy party! This whole day was so much fun. The colours where amazing, the vibe genuine Read More
  • Dan & Shayna

    THIS was one of the funnest wedding we've been a part of! So much joy, beautiful light and a dance Read More
  • Josie & Cam

    THIS was a fun day. Josie and Cam are stylish cats who are super talented and the team at ORCHARD Read More
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The Fine Print

We will send a small document with our procedures and fine print involving $ and delivery. We believe in being transparent with our process as to relieve a couple of any stress leading up to their big day (I hear stress causes lines in the face! :o ).